Passive Income Will Not Save You

Dan Kay
4 min readApr 27, 2023

After a large viral article about “content” and how it’s totally evil last time, today we’re going to take a look at my passive income content marketing website 😅

(I will accept your boos).

Bear with me please. I will not be sharing the actual website because it is bad, and I am ashamed. It is a niche site focused on a topic that I am personally experienced with and do care about.

However, we will look at some real numbers for an actual passive income — I do not currently write articles nor update this site actively. It survives solely on SEO.

How Much Traffic Do I Need For Affiliate Marketing?

My site has been growing year-over-year since its creation, although it still does pretty small numbers by the standards of affiliate marketing. In 2022, it had 11,787 views. In 2023, through 4 months, it has 4,250 — on track to continue growing.

Again, I should re-iterate: I do not update this site, nor market it. I don’t pay for ads of any sort. I don’t edit articles with new SEO tricks, although I did write the original content using SEO techniques. Traffic comes organically through search and sharing.

Content Frequency



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